Humble beginnings

I have been accused of all sorts of things, my all-time favourite is that I am the inventor of a most medieval device… my response, quite frankly is that a medieval deed deserves a medieval consequence. It’s the twenty first century and man has supposedly evolved into a more civilised being… yet rape statistics are on the rise! Child and infant rape has increased 400% over the last decade!

My second favourite criticism comes from Victoria Kaija, from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Uganda. She refers to my invention as a form of ‘enslavement’. Apparently wearing the device, according to Victoria, is a constant reminder to women of their vulnerability. My aim with the device is to empower women and promote gender equality. If men can use their bodies – their manhood, as a weapon of attack – well then it’s time for women to do the same!

The fear and vulnerability that I saw in the tear-filled eyes of a rape victim is what drove me to begin my action against rape. “If only I had teeth down there,” were the words of this victim and that was the prompt towards the development of Rape-aXe.


Your contribution is needed to save a victim from rape


As rape statistics continue to rise and rape victims continue to be overlooked by the justice system, a radical response to sexual violence is needed. Soon women across the world will take back the power and "no" will really mean, 'NO!'

This ingenious little device has been a long time coming, as a lack of funding has delayed the launch deadline. If you feel strongly about sex crimes, then pledge to support this cause today! Even the smallest pledge will help!


From the crudely fashioned prototype of 2003, Rape aXe has since been redesigned to achieve a prototype which could withstand the clinical trials.

The clinical trials were a triumph, achieving all the desired specifications. Not only is the device comfortable to wear, but our willing victims complained of a burning pain so intense that they were 'too afraid to move'. The obvious 'tag' which will facilitate arrest, was easily removed by a medical practitioner, leaving no permanent damage to the (volunteer) assailant.

The costs of the research and development have to date run into hundreds of thousands of Euros. The registration of the patent worldwide has also come at significant cost. After many trials, with various specialists in plastic molding and coatings we have now developed a stable manufacturing process.


The manufacturing of the device is complex, in that two separate components, the sheath and the polymer frame need to bond together to ensure the effectiveness of the product. The health and safety of both the victim and the perpetrator is of importance to regulatory bodies, who require that Rape aXe conforms to strict specifications.

Engineers are confident that the new process will solve this problem.  However, the new molds and assembly equipment come at a cost of 310,000 Euros, which the patent holder cannot provide at this stage.

The project is 9 months away from being finalised, provided that the necessary funding is secured.